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Thank you for visiting . We provide services in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. We recognize that this may be a difficult time for your family. We hope that you will find our services to be a comfort. We strive to provide professional, courteous, services that allow for secure and enjoyable visits for you and your children.
                                        An important change has been made in California State Law.
                                       Effective January 1, 2013, all Supervised Visitation Providers
                    must have 24 hours of training that specifically includes Family and Juvenile Law.
                      Those providing services without this additional training are operating outside
                   California Law, AB1674. Be sure to ask providers for documentation regarding their 
                                                                     compliance with this change.  
   Safe Child Supervised Visitation Monitors have received this additional training
         and are in full compliance with Assebly Bill 1674.
To Review the California Rules of Court, click on the link below.
What is Supervised Visitation?
Supervised visitation is contact between a noncustodial party and one or more children in the presence of a neutral third person.

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